Meet Our Veterinarians

Meet the Doctors of Lake Oswego Pet Emergency

Our doctors are trained in emergency veterinary medicine to provide emergency care for your pet.

Dr. Maree DoolanDr. Maree Doolan DVM

Maree worked as an intern in emergency and critical care, and eventual full-time staff doctor at Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital. She gained extensive experience in emergency medicine and intensive care and in 2014, she joined Animal Care Group of Lake Oswego as a primary care veterinarian within a referral practice. Maree is committed to bringing her experience in emergency and general practice to Lake Oswego Pet Emergency and working with referring veterinarians on the best way to meet the needs of those patients needing after hours care.

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Dr. Dustin HenwoodDr. Dustin Henwood, DVM

Dr. Henwood earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Oregon State University after attending Portland State University to obtain his B.S. degree in Organismal Biology. In his free time he enjoys partner dancing in many different styles including blues, Argentine tango and lindyhop.

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Dr. Jacquelyn AbbatantonoDr. Jacquelyn Abbatantono, DVM

Dr. Abbatantono obtained her degrees through the DVM program at Oregon State University and her BA in biological sciences at Smith College. Abbatantono’s veterinary career started 8 years ago in emergency medicine when she worked as a veterinary assistant, which spurred her to pursue a career in emergency and critical care.

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Dr. Kandace HenryDr. Kandace Henry

Bio coming soon.

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