Your Visit to LOPetER

your visit to loper

At Lake Oswego Pet Emergency we provide individualized emergency veterinary care to each and every patient we see. If you have any questions about your visit, please don’t hesitate to ask us.


Most patients are seen at Lake Oswego Pet Emergency on a first come first served basis with consideration for the severity of each patient’s condition. At times patients will have a condition, in which rapid intervention will dramatically improve prognosis or with a condition that can quickly progress to life-threatening complications. We understand that a pet emergency can be stressful and that your time is valuable – we appreciate your patience during the triage process.


If your pet is hospitalized one of our doctors will contact you once a day to give you an update. If you are calling for an update, please know that each patient is of the utmost importance. Because we are an emergency clinic, the doctor treating your pet may not be available when you call; however, depending on availability one of our veterinary technicians may be able to give you a general update.


Visiting hospitalized patients can sometimes be beneficial for both you and your pet. Depending on availability and the patients’ needs in the hospital, you may be able to visit up to twice daily for up to 30 minutes during each visit; and the visitation may take place in the treatment area, exam room or comfort room. While we do our best to coordinate visitations, they are not always possible and may be limited or restricted based on the patients’ needs in the hospital.


When it is time for your pet to go home or be transferred, our medical team will discharge your pet from LOPetER. During this process, a member of our medical team will speak with you about your pet and provide discharge instructions which may include a diagnosis or problem list, medications including name of medication, quantity, administration instructions and when to start dosing. Nursing care recommendations at home, follow-up or recheck recommendations may also be part of your discharge process.