Dr. Kandace Henry

Dr. Henry grew up in Denver, Colorado, with the very specific goals of being a veterinarian and a concert pianist. Fortunately for everyone with ears, only one of those has happened. Promises of travel and excitement drew her to attend the US Air Force Academy where she earned her commission and her undergrad degree in Engineering Sciences. She played rugby, flew in/jumped out of planes, worked on Top Secret projects and translated between French and American bigwigs before leaving the Air Force. After a brief and unfulfilling stint in corporate America, Kandace headed off to vet school at the University of Tennessee followed by a year-long internship at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital in Denver. Since then she has practiced emergency and general preventive medicine in Colorado, British Columbia and here in Portland. When not mainlining coffee and working overnight emergency shifts, you can find Kandace running, playing bar trivia, solving escape rooms and logic puzzles, watching horror movies, and hanging out with her local and Eugene-based families.

Schools attended:
United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs CO – BSc in Engineering Sciences, minor in French Literature
University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine